July Write-O-Rama 14: Freedom-loving, mask-hating, who-knows-whats

It’s 7:44am and I am starting this one early, making it a priority to write, instead of waiting until the end of the day and thinking that oh, no, this might be the day I don’t get my daily writing done. That would be a letdown since I’ve come so far this month. My goal is only 20,000 words and I have already passed 12,000. So, I’m going to leave my trust Asus Transformer open on the kitchen table all day and write whenever I have something I feel like adding here.

I have two things on my mind to start the day, really three now.

First, I hate the word things. I use things when I can’t think of a better word. Maybe I should write that I have three topics on my mind but that sounds too stuffy. Three ideas? Three subjects? I don’t know. It just always feels like a letdown when I give up and use the word things.

Second, I think I am abandoning yesterday’s idea of moving from special.fish to micro.blog. The more I think about micro.blog, the less excited I get about sharing microthoughts. All I would be doing is moving from one service to another (Twitter to micro.blog) thinking that the move would change something. It looks different so it must be better! I still have very little to contribute to that format. I need to create things (there is that word again!!) that make me feel like I am contributing something and sharing my microthoughts just doesn’t do it for me. Of course, I will keep pondering this whole idea.

Third, in the Even Bolder Moves Department, I returned the book I was reading, Breasts and Eggs by Mieko Kawakami. I usually enjoy Japanese books that have been translated to English but I felt like I was forcing myself to read it. I keep talking about taking a reading break when I think I need just a break from novels. So, I returned the book 25% of the way in and also cancelled my remaining holds. I have the copy of Great Esquire Fiction: The Finest Stories from the First Fifty Years (released in 1983) which I found at the help center for 10 cents and I am going to dig into some short stories instead and clear the mechanism for a few weeks or longer. I’ve read a lot of books this year and I want to start reading on the basis on quality more than quantity for a while.

Now it is the afternoon, 2:39pm to be exact, and I am back at the kitchen table to possibly finish up and post today’s mess.

Since the morning post was written, I’ve continued to tweak a few things. I went through my Todoist and got rid of as many tasks as I could. Tasks that I do daily or that I want to do daily but are optional and I may or may not get to them are done. I want Todoist to just be about time sensitive items I need to remember and I don’t want to turn daily, normal activities into To Do’s. I already have too many to do’s and too many to do’s is doo doo, ya know?

I did tackle some tasks I have been putting off so I punted away my reports until tomorrow. They take up too much time to dive into them today. There are too many steps and I hate them. See, I said it. Why beat around the bush?

I reinstalled Twitter on my phone, as I noted on special.fish (the site I stubbornly update each day when I know of only one person that reads what I write): Reinstalled Twitter on my phone. micro.blog’s select a message and tap conversation made me realize that conversations are the one thing Twitter gets right. I just have to never hit the Twitter search bar so I am not exposed to the garbage within.

Sounds simple enough, right? Just avoid the search. My trends have been in another language for a long time and that’s great on laptop browser Twitter but mobile Twitter got smart and put some customized trends for you crap as the default view in search on mobile and you can’t change it so you click on that and see what dumb people are saying instantly. 

Don’t look, Ethel!!! But it was too late. She had already seen that Will Smith’s marriage is trending again.

I think I’m trying to reduce the noise in my life. Oddly enough, this is why I reinstalled Twitter vs. diving into micro.blog further. I can organize Twitter in a way with lists and muting that minimizes the noise. As I noted above, conversations work better there also. I can jump in and out of the app faster. Sometimes in micro.blog, I feel like I’m trying to solve a puzzle of what was said back and forth in the conversations. Still, the conversation is in some ways better at micro.blog so I will keep my account there and use the app to keep up with some people. Using it just won’t become a regular habit.

Less is more, so they say, and less time spent on any one particular app leaves more time to, well, stare off into space if that’s what I want to do.

I guess I’m trying to remove a bit of the structure from my life. Structure and concrete plans are great and all but they don’t leave much room for improvisation and look around at the crazy world we live in now – structure and concrete plans are going out the window left and right as we deal with the new COVID world find ourselves living in now.

I wonder what Americans in 1945 would say if they knew that people in 2020 are mad about having to wear masks when a potentially deadly virus that may kill them or people they care about is circulating with no cure or vaccine. I pick 1945 because Americans were finally nearing the end of World War II in July of 1945 and many people had to completely change their lives because of it. Maybe they did it complaining and kicking and screaming but they still did it. Now, we can’t get people to wear a mask. It’s pitiful and sad and gross that we have so many stubborn and selfish people in our society. I wonder how this happened. I didn’t raise my kids to be stubborn and selfish. Does it just happen naturally or do other parents raise their kids to be freedom-loving, mask-hating, who-knows-whats?

I don’t know. I shake my head at this and most everything that is happening these days. And we thought the early-80’s were bad. Holy crap.

I think that’s it for today. I have a band meeting tonight. It is remote but I have to speak for two minutes so I will mask up and go to where the camera is for that and tell over a hundred families Hello, no I have no idea if we are going to need any of you or not for anything this year, but here’s what we do in a normal year when we are able to do things. This will be fun.