July Write-O-Rama 16: Sit down and dump it all out

It is finally time to sit down and dump it all out here onto the page or more precisely the Word document. I copy what I write each day and paste it into Blogger while all of these posts live in one huge document on the writing laptop.

Today started out with a corgi checkup. Daughter #1 took him and I’m glad she went today since they are closing for two weeks starting tomorrow due to someone there having coronavirus. We got a month’s worth of allergy pills so we should be good there. Corgi – Allergic to Everything – Get One Today!

At lunch, I went to the YouTube TV and found that I am now completely through the TV show Emergency! – all six seasons plus the TV movies. I am done and that last season and those tv movies were not great. At least the first five seasons were pretty good. For me, that’s all the TV I can stand for now. It may take months for me to be ready to watch another show. I’d rather be reading or writing or sitting in the corner of the room staring at the ceiling.

I tried to watch part of one of the movies I had recorded on TCM and it was so bad that I happily deleted it. I have a few others saved that I might come back to. And, now that I typed this, I don’t know if the movie was bad or if it’s just my tastes that have changed or if television fatigue spoiled the movie for me. It might be a combination of the two.

It is crazy hot today and it will get even worse next week with no end in sight, at least in the forecast. The torture days of summer are here early this year. Normally you have to wait until August to really bake but not this year. Maybe this means August will be unusually cool instead. As I write this, it is 93 degrees F with a heat index of 103 degrees F. No fun.

The back of our house is in full sun from about 12:30PM to 6PM so anytime it may be 94 or over, I put shades up in all of the back windows. Light still gets in – it’s not totally dark – but it does seem to help keep the house from heating up as much. I wish we had real shutters out there or even inside shutters like we had back in the 70’s. Those would be a lot more effective in keeping the house cool.

I recorded and posted episode 500 of the podcast today. As I stated in the last few episodes, aside from me rambling a bit more than usual and planning the songs a bit further in advance, it was no different from a typical episode and I’m content with that. I don’t want podcasting to turn into a to do or a production. I want it to be easy peasy and an accurate reflection of my thoughts at the time of recording. It felt like a worthy 500th episode to me so I am pretty happy with it.

As part of moving into the 500’s, I updated the theme that will be heard in each episode moving forward and I changed the template of the website that no one looks at anyway. It looks better to me so I’m happy with it.

I have two books in front of me on the coffee table that will be occupying my time tonight after we run an errand in a bit. The first is the Esquire short story book I mentioned in previous posts. The second is The Artist’s Way because I am finally going to start a weekly re-read on that and my thoughts as I go through it will most likely bleed into the podcast. Once upon a time, I had a separate podcast for deep dives into The Artist’s Way and the two books that followed it. Now I am far too lazy to have more than one podcast/site/feed/etc. so no more of that. It would have never happened that way before if I had the same attitude about things that I do now. I have my green highlighter ready to go and I expect some of what I deem “highlight-worthy” may end up in these daily writings also.

This Word document just entered page 23. Holy smokers.

Dr. Disrespect was banned from Twitch and no one knows why and he claims to not even know why. Discuss.


You may not know who that is. Once upon a time, I used to have Twitch running some during the day when I was working and out of podcasts and Dr. Disrespect was a streamer I watched because the whole persona was fairly entertaining and he never hid the fact that what he was doing was a character. And then one day at the end of a stream he was shown the door and has been MIA from streaming for several weeks. I stopped watching all of that over a year ago but I still find it interesting that Twitch/Amazon/Jeff “Satan” Bezos would ban one of their most popular streamers. I assume it will come out eventually. Everything else does.

This is not one of my longest posts but I have things to do. I have to brush my teethies and get ready to go grab supper and then I have an official band-related thing to do and after that I plan to be back home here on the couch in the same spot where I am sitting now.