July Write-O-Rama 17: A tape recorder hidden in my right flip-flop

Tonight’s writing music : https://poolside.fm/

Finally, at 7PM central, I am in the recliner with my awesome writing laptop. It’s a giddy joy just pulling it out of the Targus SlimBriefcase which I promise you has the best zippers of any bag I’ve ever had. It’s so weird how smooth they are.

How did today go? It was super hot again and it’s going to stay super hot for a while (Microsoft Word flags super hot as not being grammatically correct but I can’t think of a better description) so I kept all of the windows here shaded and pretty much sat in the dark all day. It’s odd to run the lights during the day but it seems to have worked nicely. The house is still nice and cool now as it finally gets dark outside.

I got up early to work on all of my reports and after that I started working on editing podcasts in between everything else going on. By the end of the day, I had finished three episodes of In Your Earholes which gets me to one month from today editing-wise. It’s nice to have it all knocked out and also to go into the weekend with nothing really pressing. Tomorrow I will stay inside where it is cool and hopefully will have time to read and rest and write for this, of course.

On special.fish this morning, I shared a summary of last night’s weird dream:

Instead of waking up 10 times overnight, I slept straight through and the dreams were super weird. I travel back in time to winter 1997 and find our podcasting friend Ken in the Cheers bar talking to Frasier Crane. I record this conversation on a tape recorder hidden in my right flip flop meaning that I have to put that flip flop on the bar while I sit there recording and all through the dream I walk around holding the recording flip flop and walking in one shoe. I also travel to summer 1998 for more recording. Finally I return to 2020 and integrate the recordings into my podcast and no one is surprised at all. Ken comments “That’s cool” but no one is amazed or concerned by my ability to time travel.

Weird, huh? I wrote that at 5:11am right after I got up so it was still fresh on my mind. Another weird part of the dream is how, like the airport dream, it seemed to go on and on for hours. I remember ending up in this bar and there is Ken but I had no idea what day or year it was until I found a newspaper showing that it was indeed 1997. I time travelled back to 2020 and then ended up going back to 1998. Everything seemed to happen in real time. I was moving around this bar, recording and listening, but never interacting with anyone and no one seemed to know I was there. Was I a ghost? I guess we’ll never know.

Another odd detail of the dream was that this was not the Cheers bar after all. It was the Cheers bar but it was in the front of a real house, like that old country song I’m Gonna Hire a Wino to Decorate Our Home. That song is a classic.

I was able to walk all around the home to the kitchen and the patio. But the front of the house was a working bar that was almost identical to Cheers. At one point, Ken is out on the patio talking to Frasier and Sam Malone.

I didn’t even have spicy food last night so I am not sure why this happened. It’s pretty rare for me to sleep through the night and when I do, this is the kind of dream I have. Is it a blessing or a curse?

In local news, the rest of band camp, which had already been reduced down to a few hours a day, was cancelled. We knew it was coming. Only a few programs in the area were still trying to keep running camp knowing that most contests had already been cancelled. I am glad they all got to go this week and get to know each other and start the basics. No matter what happens this year, they will be prepared for next year when normality is back, hopefully.

The coronavirus situation here seems to get worse by the day. Masks have been mandated here which makes no difference to me since I never leave home without a mask but it is a shame at A) this is what it takes and B) certain people will still be defiant and cause scenes at stores and other places, I guarantee it. All of these freedom lovers should support wearing masks and keeping things open vs. not wearing masks and having everything close up again which seems to be the Coronavirus task force recommendation for our state and 17 others.

The hospitals here are filling up and there are plenty of horror stories of what other people and families are going through. Luckily, no one in our immediate family has been impacted yet but you just never know. I certainly don’t want to end up in the hospital for days or worse.

Did I mention that this laptop also has a touch screen? I have a touchscreen on my big laptop also that I rarely use but it’s a nice to have.

It’s 7:22pm now and I’ve been thinking, final thought here, about how I will keep writing once Camp NaNoWriMo is over. I will hit 20,000 words (my self-set goal) next week if I keep doing what I am doing but I am still planning to keep writing daily for the whole month. It’s been a fun experience for me and I hope it’s been at least an OK experience for anyone that happens to be reading these.

I think that’s it for today. Have a good evening, all. Back tomorrow!