July Write-O-Rama 18: Rambly

For the first time, I am starting today’s writing away from the house. No, I’m not at Starbucks or at the library. I am at my in-law’s house after supper. If it wasn’t for coronavirus, I might have gotten out and done this at one of the coffee shops but those days seem to be over for a while. This also marks the first time I have taken the writing laptop out of the house since I brought it home.

Today started off super early. I woke up around 4AM after another night of crazy dreams and I almost pulled out the laptop so I could get the details down but sadly I did not and now the memory of those dreams have completely faded out. I don’t think it was as odd as the Cheers dream so you aren’t missing anything.

I woke up with a sinus headache thanks to our crazy weather and the emergence of ragweed which I am very allergic to. So, I got up and ate and watched a bit of TV, sat out on the deck for a bit, and also finished another short story in the Esquire book. I think I went back to sleep for about 45 minutes sometime after 6AM but I still didn’t sleep as well as normal and now I am losing energy here at 6:55PM.

The official high today was 95 degrees with a heat index topping out at 103. It’s still 93 as I write this. Earlier out in the sun, it was miserable and it was especially miserable when we went out shopping to a couple of stores to get things we needed and we had to wear masks the whole time. I sweat in places on my face I don’t think I’ve ever sweat from before. It was weird. But, it’s merely an inconvenience. We’ll get through it. Soon we’ll be wearing our masks in cold weather and that will be nice.

I also started my re-read of The Artist’s Way today. This will be my third full re-read of it and I’ll be going a week at a time, highlighting different passages to discuss on the podcast and/or here maybe. This morning while I was reading the introduction, I kept getting ideas for things to write here and in other places. The text was already fueling my creative energy so it works. I can’t say anything I thought of was earth-shattering good but it was something.

I haven’t had to charge the battery in the writing laptop in three days and now I’m eyeing the battery level wondering how far I will make it in this before the battery goes kaput. It’s weird having a laptop with a decent battery again. I replaced the one on my main laptop earlier this year but it still sucks the battery down fairly quick since I didn’t buy the extended battery which sticks some sort of appendage out of the back of the laptop. No need for that. Like I said yesterday (I think), the main laptop rarely leaves the house. It will be six years old next month and I’m on hard drive #2 and, of course, battery #2 now, but overall it’s been a great machine.  I think I’ve got 16GB of RAM in there now so it moves along quite quick and processes podcast files with ease.

In local news, the mask mandate goes in at midnight tonight and most people we saw today were wearing them which is a good thing. I am sure there will still be plenty of idiots out there complaining about it. Daughter #1 called my attention to a Facebook post today from a greeter at our local Walmart saying not to cuss her, she is only the messenger. Some doofus posted a reply that this was America and in America they had the right not to wear a mask. I would like to have posted that since this is America, Walmart also has the right to not let you into their store if you don’t wear a mask. Rights go both ways. But, I am not a member of the group where this was posted and I don’t want to be and stupid posts like that are the reason.

As bad as Facebook is, Twitter seems to be a bit worse but they are all bad because they are a reflection of the people who are on those services who are the loudest and least self-filtered. So most of the time, I don’t participate in the conversations and I also mute certain people and accounts so I am not pulled into the conversations in the first place.

I think that’s all I have for today. This one is a bit more rambly meaning ramble-filled, I guess, since Microsoft Word has informed me that rambly is not a word. It should be. It perfectly describes this.