July Write-O-Rama 20: Uneasy and Bored

Woke up this morning uneasy and bored. I am not sure why. Then, I thought I might be able to tweet that I woke up uneasy and bored and maybe get that state of mind off of my mind – sort of toss it out there to the internet and move on from it – and that’s when I realized that’s probably what most people do. It’s a purge. It would explain a lot of tweets, especially the angry ones. But then I decided that I didn’t want to do that. What good would such a tweet really do? It would leave the few people who saw it scratching their heads and then no one else would see it so it would probably be just as effective to walk out on the deck and tell a passing butterfly that I woke up uneasy and bored. The butterfly might have some advice for such a thing.

I’m already getting over this feeling after just pounding out the first paragraph here on the writing laptop so doing this is much more effective than tweeting or involving insects.

However, I also thought of going out to special.fish and adding the uneasy and bored information to my log there but I am pretty certain only one person reads that (Hi, @altmilan) and again, there would be little point to placing such an update there when it is no longer an accurate description of how I feel now. Our tweets and posts and even these long entries on the blog are always capturing the past. With every word, I have moved on to a better or at least a different state.

I need to mow but I’ll be darned if I get on the mower when it’s over 95 degrees. Not only do I not want the mower or myself to overheat, but I also don’t want to kill all the grass by mowing it down so what’s left bakes and dies. Right now it looks like a fashionably messed up Hollywood haircut but at least it’s still green while most of my neighbors cut yards are turning brown.

In the weird world of dreams, the only thing from last night I remember is being in a department store and going up the escalator to the second floor only to find that the second floor had been closed and there was a some sort of small wall built over the exit to the escalator so you could get off the escalator but you were stuck in this small space between the where you came off the escalator and this small wall. I climbed over the wall – it was that small – because the only other choice I had was to go back down the moving escalator.

I am not sure what this dream means and I probably don’t want to know. Why was the escalator on if you were not supposed to go to the second floor? On the first floor, everything looked normal. There was no sign saying that the second floor was closed. You didn’t discover this until you were at the end of the escalator looking at the small wall. I recall walking around this dream department store second floor which was dimly lit and filled with still stocked abandoned departments and all sorts of items that looked like they had been hastily brought up for storage.

Maybe everyone dreams about messy stores. Maybe the point of this dream was to remind myself that I need to sweep and mop the kitchen at some point today. This task is now on my to do list so I don’t forget to do it.

Let’s all sing Sade’s song Smooth Operator as Smooth Mashed Potato. I would write up lyrics to this but the original song is a bit complicated now that I look at it and this would take some intense thought to tackle and I haven’t had my first cup of coffee yet but I have plenty of work to tackle today.

And, we’re back. It’s afternoon now and hot as a firecracker. I can feel the heat building in the living room also. Darn these high ceilings we thought were so cool back in early 2000’s!

I am finally over my uneasiness and boredom and it took taking a drive at lunch to really do it. I needed to get out of the house for a bit and I’m glad I did. Nothing detours a day that looks like it might be headed down the crapper like breaking your routine a little bit and getting a breath of fresh air even if it is through a mask.

I think I will stop right here and save the glorious 20,000 word mark for tomorrow.