July Write-O-Rama 22: A short post from the couch

Good morning from the couch! I was walking through the living room to start the dishwasher and I am caught up on work for the moment so I thought I might as well grab the writing laptop and not wait until the end of the day for this post. I don’t have a word goal today so I’ll just stop when I run out of fuel. Speaking of fuel, I have a nice, hot cup of coffee in front of me just waiting to be consumed. It needs to cool down just a tad first.

It’s going to be a bit cooler today so I have taken down all of the shades out of the windows and let all the light in. Having shades up in the windows might seem a bit odd and who knows what the people who live sort of behind me think if they can see then but it certainly does help on keeping the house cool. What we really need is some huge trees behind the house for shade but then you have the potential for storm damage so no thanks. The woods behind the house are far enough away that they give us a bit of privacy but also don’t provide any shade whatsoever and would not be a danger in case the weather goes completely nuts and around here you never know when that might happen.

It’s already midweek and that means three days including today until another week of vacation! I have ZERO plans for next week so I am definitely looking forward to it. I hope to read and to sit here on the couch a lot. Those are my primary goals. I’m sure other things will happen also but primarily, I am keeping my fingers crossed for a big fat week of nada.

My Echo Dot podcast listening setup is working fine except for the lack of physical buttons that pause the podcast. So I might swap in my Google Mini which I believe has a tap gesture for pause. I am going to look into this a bit more. Sometimes I need to quickly pause when the phone rings or when some other interruption happens and most interruptions are dog-related.

Congrats to Ken on 800 episodes of dicksnjanes podcast this morning! The misshapen head segment is now one of my favorites. 800 episodes in and still producing gold for us!!

I am trying to get daughter #1 up and going so we can early vote this morning so I am going to end this one here today. Yes, a short one but it’s all gravy on top of the biscuit from here until the end of the month!