July Write-O-Rama 24: Look at how awesome this bag is!!

One person can’t do it all. I have to get up early, early to get a shower first so I can start working with no interruptions but also the corgi gets up early, early and needs his food and pill along with the oldest dog who gets up early, early, early and is just plain annoying. She’s like a rooster. I’m up, she whines, so everyone should be up!

It’s impossible to do all of these tasks at exactly the same time so what happens is I get up earlier and earlier or I just sleep right through it all and have to fit in my shower sometime after 8am when it is already getting busy at work so sometimes that means I don’t get in the shower until 8:30 or 9 or even 9:30. And this is the difference between getting up at 5:45 and getting up at 6:30. Get up at 6:30 and the whole morning turns into catch up. Not catsup or ketchup (however you spell it) since French fries might be involved and I enjoy French fries.

Now it’s almost 90 minutes later (7:22AM) and I have finished getting ready, starting the work day (catching up last night’s emails and tickets), eating breakfast, fixing coffee and other tasks. I am not as grumpy now but these paragraphs capture a typical day here. Dogs. To do’s. General morning chaos. If I get up at 5:30AM, I’ll have plenty of time to DO IT ALL but then no one should complain if I am sleepy at 8:30PM.

Listening to WBAA Jazz streaming as I write this.

Today is my last work day before another week of vacation, a use it or lose it week since I am going ahead and taking the week off due to not needing to divide out days for band stuff this fall. It looks like there will be no Friday night away games so no need to take off early to get to the school and start loading the truck. No Saturday contests either. Plus no community band. I still have more time off scheduled for September and then additional days I haven’t scheduled yet just in case I need them before the end of the year.

Today will be a day of reports (week end and month end) and delegating since I won’t be at work next week to follow up on items. That means it will be an oddly quiet Friday for me. I’m hoping to spend some quality time with a book and maybe be out on the deck with that book if it does not rain this morning. So far, it looks great outside but that has been quick to change over the last few days. The high today in Armpit will only be 92 so that’s more like it. It’s 94 and over that really stinks.

I got an email last night from special.fish about incomplete profiles being purged and this made me think a bit more about my declaration on the podcast that I was done over there. Now I’m curious to see what will happen since activity has jumped since that email went out so I will probably stick around and see how all of that plays out. I like the idea of the site but I am not exactly sure that what I am doing there has value and I AM ALL ABOUT THE VALUE, as you know.

CORONAVIRUS is out of control. I was just reading a Facebook post from someone we know, barely older than me, that finally got to come home from the hospital. No health issues. Non-smoker. Nearly died from COVID-19. You just don’t know how it will hit you and you don’t know if maybe you already had it and the symptoms were so unremarkable that you thought it was something else. I had a weird few days in February when I was sick and even missed community band which has not happened before. Who knows if that was a cold or a bug or COVID-19? I remember the cough being almost uncontrollable and then one day it was all gone, back to normal. Weird.

Speaking of weird, I am weird.

Final thought today – I got an email from NaNoWriMo about a 40% off sale in their store and I typically donate something each time I do it so I ordered this bag (like I need another bag but look at how awesome this bag is!!) and donated $2. I’ll do more in November.