July Write-O-Rama 25: Too sleepy to keep writing

It is early, early – 5:44am now as I begin this but I’ve been up since 5AM and the sleepies are catching back up to me. I might have to return to bed. I’m up because daughter #1 had to be at work at 6am and I try to be up for those early morning departures. I think I have been every time but once. One time I slept right through it until 9AM, I think. I must have been super tired.

Since I got up, I ate breakfast and took my longevity pills. I goofed around with my special.fish profile which obviously allows very basic HTML functionality. Isn’t it weird how quickly I went from shuttin’ ‘er down to turning my profile into a work of art? It won’t be long until other people are doing the same thing on their profiles but right now it looks like it’s only me.

Yesterday was a good day for the purge project – the name I right now decided to give my  never-ending goal of getting rid of everything in this house that no longer has a purpose and is just sitting around wasting space. We had a pool we used only during the summer of 2018 that has been taking up space in the garage ever since. I tried to give it away in our neighborhood with no luck so my wife put it on Facebook Marketplace for free and we had a taker almost immediately. This person came and got it yesterday for her grandkids along with a badminton set and a cornhole set that I offered up.

My next big goal in the purge project is the attic. I have some furniture and other odds and ends up there that need to go but all of that will wait until cooler weather, probably toward the end of October.

Wow. Eyes burning! I could lay down and be out like a light almost immediately!

Currently listening to Jazz 24 on my Amazon Echo Show 5.

I always try to add in what I’m listening to in case you, valued reader, want to duplicate the mood.

I listen to streaming jazz radio a lot and I always try to keep it turned down to the point that it is background music and not distracting. I want it to be like a jazz bar with the music low enough that a conversation could happen over it without having to raise your voice. I would also like a neon martini or palm tree flashing on and off in the window behind me in order to complete the setting but that might be going a bit too far and the wife will only put up with so much of my crazy.

It’s going to be hot again today and possibly rainy again. We have had a ton of rain over the past week and I would complain but I remember how much it sucks when we have no rain and everything dries out so I am going to keep my mouth shut.

Oh, wow. So tired. I’m going to have to stop here before my face falls onto the laptop keys.