July Write-O-Rama 26: Project Complete!

Welcome to the final entry of the July Write-O-Rama 2020. I’ve decided that since I am on vacation for the upcoming week, I should also allow myself to take a vacation from writing this document which you have seen divided up with my daily writing and also just crossed into page 35 of a Microsoft Word document on my writing laptop. I made my goal of 20,000 words a few days ago so I think this is as good a time as any to bring this project to a close.

Speaking of my writing laptop, some Dell update blew it up this morning so instead of going through all of the hassle of trying a bunch of little fixes, I just blew it away and reinstalled Windows from scratch. It’s all on the cloud anyway. It was easy peasy and now I am back to having a full functioning laptop. I think it was a BIOS install that must have goofed things up but who knows. As long as it is back up and going, that is all that matters to me.

For vacation, I have zero plans. I’ll be here doing a lot of what I did during the last vacation minus all the corgi meds. I am hoping to spend more time reading and also getting back into copying the big box of videotapes.

Will I continue to write? Well, yes, I hope so. That was the point of this laptop right here but what I write now will be for me and for my eyes only unless something gets refined and purified and suitable for sharing. It’s time to seriously consider what I wrote about back on day 23 and the contents of the article (“Revision Is My God” by Meaghan O’Connell) that got me thinking.

So, I probably won’t post anything else on here until August. Until then, you can find me over at special.fish still playing around with the HTML on my profile (some commands work, most don’t!). I’ll do my best to ignore all over sites and apps. I also had a book recommended to me by @heavydishongry and the library actually had it so it’s now on my Kindle and I’ll be starting that later this evening.

Thanks to all of you who have popped in and read some of these posts since Canada Day. I end Camp NaNoWriMo with 24,339 words!