July Write-O-Rama 3: Early morning thoughts and Later morning thoughts

Part One (Early morning thoughts)

I did it. I sold the records and got more money in return than I expected. The money was not the motivating factor, of course. Every time I saw the records sitting on the shelf, I would think about what a waste it was to keep something around that I was not going to use. Why have records that you never play? Why have a closet full of bags you never use? (More on that shortly)

The record buyer was impressed at how good the condition of the records was. Most haven’t been played in decades and I explained why I was letting them go. The need to move on. It’s been four years. It’s time for them to be played.

It felt good. A part of me feels free from them, like a burden has been lifted.

I came home and I cleaned up the home office, decluttering in a way I should have decluttered months ago and I now have another full box for the help center. Plus, I pulled all of the bags out of the closet and added the bags that were in my discard pile, several that I have written about here, into the help center box also.

I am changing my priorities and actually taking action and not just talking about changing my priorities while staying in the comfort zone of old habits. Tackling the month of writing is another step in whatever all of this is and it feels good. It feels like the right thing to do at just the right time.

Part Two (Later morning thoughts)

I just returned from errands. First, I dropped off stuff at the Help Center where they have a thrift store which supports their activities like feeding people and paying for utility bills among other good causes so I have donated a TON of stuff there over the years. Second, I had an Amazon return that needed to be dropped off today and the UPS Store was closed for some reason. Maybe the July 3rd holiday? I don’t know. UPS is opened. I passed one of their brown trucks on the road. Luckily, a quick Google search revealed that I could have been dropping off pre-labeled packages at multiple locations around town instead of driving all the way out to the UPS Store all of these years. I am a doofus. So, I dropped it off at CVS.

Here’s the real meat of what I wanted to share. Twice, I tried to start episode 498 of the podcast and I realized I had nothing to share. I guess I really mean I have nothing new to share. Here are the topics most on my mind lately:

  •       Coronavirus and how it will impact band.
  •       Coronavirus and I hope none of us get sick.
  •       Coronavirus just the idea of it. Gross.
  •       How hot it is.
  •       Two days in a row with no rain so wow.
  •       Obviously, the weather.
  •       I don’t really have anything else to say.

Why is this? Well, sometimes I say things on the podcast that invites feedback and sometimes I just don’t want to get into any of it. I want to put it out there to release it but not dwell on it. Should I talk about the things I have written about here? Like selling the records? Would someone say, OMG, WHY?!?!?!!?!?!. Maybe. Maybe not. Would someone say, I AM SO TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT YOU TRYING TO DOWNSIZE, REORGANIZE, FIX YOUR LIFE, HAPPY PILLS, etc? Probably not. But sometimes I just get tired to talking about all of it over and over and over and over month after month after month after month, week after week after week after week. Well, talk about something else then. OK, let me think.


Where does that take us? tl;dr – I can write much more easily than I can speak at the moment and I am not sure why.

Well, last thought of the day. As noted on my special.fish log today, I pulled out the scanners this morning to get ready to listen as the paramedics haul away the amateur pyromaniacs that will end up blowing off parts of their bodies tonight and tomorrow night. It’s always interesting listening. Be careful out there, folks!