July Write-O-Rama 4: The best part of waking up is writing my nonsense

It’s a weird feeling to wake up and have the first thing I think about be writing and also to be enthusiastic about writing, like this is a great reason to go ahead and get up early on a Saturday morning but here we are and I am as surprised as you are.

But I think I am going to start experimenting with waiting until other times of the days to do the daily writing. First thing in the morning is fine except that I have to fix myself something to eat first and then there are the dog interruptions. Feed the first dog up. Let that dog out and back in. Second dog gets up. Repeat the process. Third dog gets up. Repeat. This process breaks my concentration so writing in the afternoon might be better. But what if I put this off and then it is super busy at work or I have chores to do like mowing the lawn and suddenly writing becomes another anxious to do? I don’t want that to happen. Maybe that’s why The Artist’ss Way has Morning Pages and not Whenever You Feel Like Doing Them Pages. Write at the same time every day. Make it a habit. Make it part of the routine.

Dog number 3 (the corgi) is up and just booped me so it is time for his meds and food. Be right back.

I’m back. I am giving micro.blog a try. I didn’t do the five dollars a month deal since I am already paying for Posthaven and donating to special.fish. Instead, I am using a Wordpress blog I had tried and abandoned as the basis for my micro.blog and it’s working out well enough so far. I use the micro.blog iOS app to make sure I don’t go over the character limit. I think I can configure the Wordpress blog to use the same character limit also in case I wanted to post on there for some reason but that would require actual effort and it took more than my daily allowance of effort yesterday just to get the whole thing up and going.

Why micro.blog? Several bloggers I follow have ended up on there and so far it seems like a great alternative to Twitter but I think it’s because it’s not well known and you either have to pay or jump through a few hoops like I did to use it. Twitter was great at first also until everyone jumped in. It’s a shame that’s how it is. I’m all for openness of the internet and freedom of expression but it seems like we can’t have those things along with being respectful and caring about others. Having the ability to sound off in real time really can bring out the worst in people. It’s like a weapon. You have to be able to safely handle it and that’s not how most people do it.

That leads us to Independence Day and what a strange Independence Day this is. Coronavirus is still the big story. I told my wife that I hope our local city fireworks show, which we can see from the house, includes a cool coronavirus firework this year.

Coronavirus seems to be spreading like crazy all around us although the majority of cases here are not serious. Most people barely have symptoms. However, some are completely incapacitated and the scary part is how random that fate seems to be. We know one person barely older than me that is not doing well at all. Masks are the way to go and it’s going to come down to making them mandatory to really get a handle on this thing.

Also, we have our election cycle in full blast with the President at the no masks, no social distancing required Mount Rushmore wankfest last night and what a great message that sends out to the nation and the world. I said to some friends in January  before things went completely haywire that this was his election to lose and he’s doing everything he can to lose it for some reason.

I heard no fireworks injury calls on the scanner last night and didn’t hear many fireworks going off in the vicinity of the house either and that tells me that people were saving them up for tonight’s good weather so the scanner  and the dogs will probably be going nuts tonight. I’m sure it will sound like World War 3 outside.

I edited In Your Earholes episode 150 last night (which will post on 7/6). They didn’t even mention the milestone. I think that’s the way to do it. I have episode 500 of my podcast coming up and I’m thinking it will be just like every other episode I’ve done. No need to go nuts or do anything crazy special. Just keep doing the work as long as it’s meaningful.

This seems meaningful, at least to me. I know it’s only day 4 and I may feel differently on day 14 or even on day 5 but it’s fun to get to the keyboard and start writing at the moment. It might not be fun to read it but that’s ok. This is about me getting in the habit  and seeing where it leads.