July Write-O-Rama 6: Mundane Monday


I’m amazed that I have continued to do this for six days. By this time during the last NaNoWriMo, I was struggling. This is different, of course, since what I am writing this time is more stream of consciousness than anything else although I do have a couple of topic ideas on my mind for later in the week. Fiction alludes me and that’s what makes the November NaNo so frustrating. I always draw a blank when it comes to fiction even though I read a ton of it. Just reading it for years does not make you adapt to being a fiction writer yourself if you don’t have the foggiest idea of how to create a good story of your own.

I read some books, like the last one I read, and I just don’t believe the majority of the story. It seems like pure fantasy, as I wrote in the last entry, more suited to soap opera than real life but who wants to read real life anyway? We’re living that all the time. Shouldn’t fiction be an escape from real life? But in my mind, I can’t separate those ideas. I feel like a phony if I am writing phony feelings or phony situations and I’m not talking like Holden Caulfield here. I don’t want to be inauthentic. I want to write truth and not have characters do things that I wouldn’t do or that I would be disgusted seeing or hearing about someone else doing. I feel weird when I am writing something that seems fake to me. Maybe I’ve recorded too many episodes of the podcast and I’ve driven all fictional impulses from my mind.

Even when I am reading books, I sometimes feel “cringey” when I read certain things but I get why the author does what they do. They have to sell books and to sell books, you have to relate to a broad swath of people and give them some sort of escape from real life (as noted already) and typically the best way to do that is through exaggeration. These characters have to be larger than life so their feelings and reactions must be larger than life and dramatic.


Charlie Daniels died this morning. He was probably the most well-known resident of our county. You might not have agreed with his politics. You might not like country music. But for our county, he supported just about everything he could. Where he lived, one city to our west, was particularly hard hit by the March tornado and today his hearse passed through an area that suffered terrible destruction and is still being rebuilt.

It’s sad to me because I grew up with his music and seeing the results of all the work he did for our community. Our community band plays each year in a park named for him, for example. Yes, we’ve lost a celebrity but much more personally, we’ve lost a neighbor – one of our own. It seems particularly unfair after all we’ve been through here this year but that’s the way it goes sometimes.

I’m still digitizing videotapes and I got some more stickers in for this laptop. I have one more on the way in the mail and then I will space them all out on the laptop just right. Having a laptop dedicated to writing is not something I ever thought I would do but here it is and I am very happy with it.

I’ll be back at work tomorrow but today I am off since my company observed the Independence Day holiday today. I’ve still been busy. Aside from going though VHS tapes, I’ve been a taxi service for daughter #1 since her car is in the body shop, I’ve washed clothes, I masked up and ran into Walmart for a few things, I mopped the kitchen, I went to lunch with my wife and delivered daughter #1 food and who knows what else I did. Oh, yeah. I emptied the dishwasher. Welcome to this exciting episode of The Life of Jason.

I think that’s about it for today. Stretching this out over a whole day didn’t seem to work as well for me. I might try to aim for lunch or after supper tomorrow to see if I can write all of this in one sitting.