July Write-O-Rama - Falling asleep while writing

7/11/2020 9080

How will this turn into work for me?

The topic of today’s post, at least to start, is a question I ask myself a lot. When the phone rings. When someone needs something we have in storage in the hot attic. When the neighbor is going to be out of town for a week. When a package is scheduled to arrive. How will this turn into work for me?

It alway somehow does turn into work for me. Earlier today, I was in the super hot attic pulling down a tote containing a cheap pool that someone is going to borrow for the week instead of going out and buying their own cheap pool that they can store in the attic for whenever they might need it. I am not even sure how this pool was offered up. Was this person talking about their stay at home, corona ruins everything vacation and then this person said, “You know what would make my vacation acceptable? A $15 dollar, one year old pool that has been in a tote in someone’s attic since last summer!” and then my wife hit the buzzer of turning this into work for me. BBBBBBBBBUUUUUUUUUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Winner!

If my phone rings at an odd time of the day and my father is on the caller ID, I know this call is most likely going to lead to work for me. A commercial on tv for something that mentioned the VA (I know it was not the VA themselves because they don’t have commercials) leads to months of applying for VA benefits even though he financially does not qualify for them. Or, the toilet won’t stop running! Or, every store here is out of daily shower cleaner. WORK FOR ME!

Today, I finally mowed after putting it off for as long as possible and I decided I would go right to the couch for the remainder of the night once the mowing was done and any other outside chores were complete and I went up into the attic for the cheap pool and then I took my shower and then I ate supper and after that, to the couch! I am writing this on the couch on the sticker covered laptop (see last post) resting on a red lap desk I’ve had for ten or twenty years, who knows and I was just now interrupted and informed that the tote I brought down from the super hot attic is in fact the incorrect tote and now I get to go back into the super hot attic again and look for whatever pool might be hiding up there and how many pools could possibly be up there? Five? Ten? If our garage was bigger, I wouldn’t have to store stuff like this in the attic. If the shed had more shelving, I could keep all of this kind of stuff out there.

An attic is an enabler. It enables you to store a huge room full of crap that you can’t figure out what to do with or that you only use one time a year. Pools – summer. Christmas decorations – Christmas. Halloween decorations – we stopped pulling those down three years ago. Same for Easter decorations. I look forward to not pulling down the Christmas decorations. Christmas is the most stubborn of holidays. If you don’t decorate for Christmas, you are a Grinch. If you don’t decorate for Halloween, no one notices or cares. If I didn’t put up the Christmas tree or a line of lights down the driveway, what would people think?!?

I am the only person that doesn’t care what people think? OK, I lie, I care what a few people think but not rando strangers that drive by my house. I don’t care in the slightest if they are offended by my lack of decorations. I mowed today in super hot heat, not because I cared what the neighbors would think if I kept letting it go but because the mower might not make it through the grass without choking if I kept letting it go and it’s supposed to rain tomorrow.

You may wonder if I wonder what people think of these posts. I don’t. There is your answer. These are merely an exercise in writing and doing it regularly for at least the month of July. I don’t care if anyone reads them. My goal is to have 20,000 words of posts by the end of July and I’m ahead according to the stats if I maintain consistency. I would rather finish up early than take a few days off now and start to get too confident about my writing ability.Last night and tonight I almost took an evening off but here I am pushing through anyway because I know I need to keep this up even though I am so tired that it is hard to hold eyes open and it’s only 8PM.

Wouldn’t it be great to not be sick and to go to bed at 8pm? I’m not sick, just tired and I could close the laptop and go in the bedroom and be out within minutes but then I would probably wake up at 3am unable to go back to sleep and that would big time stink. I mention sickness because sickness seems to be the only time we can expand our sleep schedules and that is a shame. I think we need sleep vacations. Sleep all you want and have the concierge or someone else order up food.

I just sat starting at  word counter for a few minutes when I was at 9,999 words so far in this document. My goal is 20,000 words for the month and I am halfway there and it’s only 7/11/2020. Remember when 7-11 used to celebrate this day with special sales and events? It was a pretty smart tie-in and now I am really falling asleep so I need to save this document, close it in Word and go from there.