August 2nd miscellanea

Highlights from the last 24 hours:
  • Called out Sonic over their lousy app and they couldn't care less.
  • It rained like crazy.
  • I deleted my account and the Wordpress account I had set up to use with it.
  • I updated my profile again although I think my days left there are numbered.
  • I am trying to prepare myself mentally for returning to work after vacation tomorrow knowing I have no days off in August. 
I think August is going to involve a lot of ondoing things I did over the last few months, like diving in and trying I gave it a good try and realized I have no interest in it. Beyond the little design issues I don't like, there is a lot of technical talk in the feeds that I don't find interesting and most involve itself.

I also cleaned up the blogs I read and am down to a very few. 

One good thing about returning to work tomorrow will be getting back into a routine.