Checking in

It's been a little bit over a week since I checked in here. The reason is I am writing offline each day this month as opposed to sharing what I am writing each day. It's pretty much still the same stuff except a bit more unfiltered (just a very little bit, actually) since I am not writing for an audience. I am just about as boring privately as I am in public so you are missing out on nothing at all.

I think I said somewhere, maybe on the podcast, that I would share interesting shareable tidbits over here but nothing has jumped out at me as interesting so I guess it is not going to happen.

The good news is I finally got into another book! After so many starts and stops over the last couple of months, I am reading and enjoying Tenth of December by George Saunders. It was recommended by Phoebe Bridgers on and since we had read and liked a couple of the same books, I gave it a shot and I'm glad I did. Good stuff.

I also got a lap desk for the bed or the couch that I am really enjoying. It's got a ton of room on it and is very adjustable and will be great for writing on the writing laptop as I am doing now sitting here in the bed listening to Jazz24 on my Amazon Echo Dot. The Dot has a surprisingly great sound and I keep it right by the bed so Jeff Bezos can hear me snore or fart whenever he wants.

Over on my writing desk, I am using the Google Nest Mini to listen to podcasts via Bluetooth from my iPad and it works great. A tap in the middle of the speaker pauses it if I get a call or something. If you missed it, my iPod Touch exploded so yeah, no more iPod Touch. It didn't explode into flame. It just blew apart because the battery expanded and finally popped the case and the case the iPod Touch was in. POW!

I've been listening to a little shortwave again and also some late night AM radio. I don't wake up in the middle of the night now unless the dogs wake me up but if they do, I take the opportunity to spend some time on the deck or in the kitchen with my AM radio. I was rewarded the other night when I turned on WGN and George Wendt was on there being interviewed. NORM!

Other than all of this, things are pretty much the same. Coronavirus is causing all sorts of insanity and we're still not 100% sure how school will turn out so that means there is uncertainty about band and football but it's all OK. We'll get through it. We'll slap on our masks and do what we can. 

Hope you are well, honored reader of the blog!