Friday 8/28/2020

I am back in the home office awaiting the remnants of Hurricane Laura. I watched live video of the storms moving through Nashville nearly an hour ago and although the sky is dark and ominous, nothing is happening here just yet. It's a very slow mover.

I have finished my NaNoWriMo August project which was a continuation of last month's goal to write a little each day in the form of morning pages/daily journal entries. I stopped on Wednesday as I decided to take the rest of the month off in order to start fresh on September 1st with a new project, this time focusing on writing a little fiction each day in order to prep for November NaNoWriMo. I'm hoping to get back to writing here on a regular basis now that my private writing project is over. 

I'm hoping for a weekend of rest and reading and general doing nothing. I say that every weekend and then it doesn't happen so I hesitate to even type out these words. Maybe I could sneak in some rest if I am very stealthy about it.