Sunday 8.30.2020

The explanation

The original idea I had when I started using the weblog label here last December was to make weblog posts dated posts and to focus more on what happened on the particular day I was writing and to make this into more of a journal than a place to come whenever I had an idea, starting a post in the morning and leaving it in draft most of the day, adding whatever came to mind or whatever links I found interesting during the day until I published the post in the evening.

I'm not 100% of the way there yet but I decided that I would shift more into that direction in September but a couple of days ago I thought, why wait? Do it now. Let's see where this goes.

Is blogging dead or is blogging the way we once knew it dead and now it's time to do something a little different? I don't know for sure but here is my little different and we'll see how far it goes.

The weblog for August 30th (back to our regularly scheduled programming)

I have an online, virtual, cyber wedding to attend tonight and I have decorated the wall behind me so that I will appear as festive as possible for the function. It's my first ever online, virtual, cyber wedding and I'm hoping all future weddings will be like this. Thanks, Coronavirus!

The after-hurricane remnants weather has remained somewhat unsettled with rain early this morning and more storms on the way for this evening. I'm glad I got out in the humidity and mowed last Thursday. Maybe it will be cooler and drier at the end of the week when I have to mow again.

September is almost here. Exciting!

A poem: John Skoyles - The End of August